The painting "The Pool of Memory" from the "Streams" series by Joan Levy Hepburn is the backdrop and subject of a collaboration with CT Ballet and musical composers  Joe Bouchard and Kevin O'Neil. The original painting is 42 x 180 inches and made of charcoal, gold leaf and oil paint on layered vellum.  The dancers' costumes, which were also painted by Joan refer to the cave paintings in the foundational layer of the Stream series, and seem to release the drawings from their wall and bring them to life in the spacial world by the dancers. 

Dionysian myths are the basis of the narrative content of the painting.  When Dionysus went to Hades he found gold leaves with instructions to drink from the Pool of Memory, so that he could remember his past life and be reincarnated out of Hades.  The Pool of Memory was made by Mnemosyne, whose name means memory.  She was a Titan Goddess who procreated with Zeus to produce The Muses.  So this is also a metaphor for going into the deep unknown in consciousness and finding the Muse and giving birth to a new creation.  

‚Äč"The Pool of Memory"