Observational still life drawing and painting by adults who learned how to translate the physics of light into a cohesive palette in chalk pastel and oil paint.

 ​ Portfolio Preparation Sessions

with  Joan Levy Hepburn in Killingworth  


Call Joan at 860 663-1169 for an appointment. 

These sessions are on-going throughout the year and will help students develop a strong portfolio for college,  summer school, and private high school  applications.  Clarify your direction and interest in the future!

Digital photographs and written recommendations are also offered.

Here are examples of work by high school students under my tutelage; charcoal drawing, oil, and watercolor painting for the first time.  I encourage students to learn to work from observation and translate their vision onto the 2/D surface.  

My students consistently win awards and scholarships and are accepted by the best schools in the country.

Study of Matisse at art camp with 6th to 8th graders.  They learned to draw the figure,  and when they found the form they extracted flat shapes, which they painted in colors chosen to define the form in light and space.

Student watercolor landscape paintings composed by using a Schoenberg tone row matrix combining sound with sight.

Here are some videos made by students ages 7 to 12 years      from previous Murray Pond Summer Art Camps.  

They studied Analytic and Synthetic Cubism, made their own cubist works, and composed played and recorded Cubist music for their video.  

The following year the students chose an artist in history to study and then created art as that artist, and composed and played and recorded music suitable for the time period for their  video soundtrack.

Private instruction and group classes are available to all levels of experience and ages 7 through adults.  Learn visual language through observational drawing and painting in a variety of media.  

Your own voice develops in your work as you are attracted to your visual interests.  All good paintings have solid form - as a representation or abstraction - and you will learn to control your expression of that form through good drawing, tone, color, and handling of the materials.  

Several times a year I teach a color workshop that will change forever your awareness and understanding of color for all applications.